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Refresh, Renew, and Revitalize Your Body with Our Spa Services

Take some time for yourself to enjoy a relaxing massage or youthful skincare treatments

NOTE: Beginning in 2020, we will be offering a variety of spa services for all our clients. Go Green Salon wants to be your destination for all thing beauty and wellness.

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Take time to relax and rejuvenate with full body massage, chair massage, or a specialty oncology massage from the massage therapists at Go Green Salon. When you include a therapeutic massage with your other salon services, you'll not only look amazing, you'll feel like a new person. Go Green Salon offers massage therapy sessions in a clean, warm, private rooms where you can leave all your stress at the door as your tired, achy, tense muscles get the attention they need to recover from a hard workout or challenging work week.

*Beginning in 2020, we will be offering additional spa services for all our clients.

Coming 2020

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Skin Care

Stress and everyday life takes a toll on our faces. Why not rejuvenate with an all-natural skincare treatment from Go Green Salon? We'll deep clean your pores, gently exfoliate dull, dry areas, and rehydrate your skin, restoring your natural beauty. Have some problem areas? Speak to our licensed esthetician about our specialty skincare scrubs, cleansers, and creams. You'll be able to provide your skin with the care it needs to help you look more radiant every day. Go Green has a full skincare line available now with full services coming 2020.

*Beginning in 2020, we will be offering additional spa services for all our clients.

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Hair Removal

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to shave or wax certain areas, and the results are not worth the hassle. At Go Green Salon, we offer semi-permanent facial hair removal, with full-body permanent hair removal coming in 2020, for men and women who are tired of trying to manage it themselves. If you're ready for a better solution, schedule an appointment with one of our depilatory specialists.

*Beginning in 2020, we will be offering additional spa services for all our clients.